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How to Tell if a Home is ‘move-in’ Ready

If you’re home shopping, you’ve probably seen or heard the phrase “move-in ready” in the property description. But what does “move-in ready” really mean and how can you tell if…

13 Smart Reasons to Refi Your Home Loan Today

Low-interest rates are the most common reason borrowers refinance but are there other reasons? Yes! There are several beneficial reasons to refi your current loan and here’s a brief list…

Super-charged Home Loans for First-time Homebuyers

“I’m buying my first home!” That proclamation is just as exciting and impressive as it is mysterious and overwhelming. Where do you start and which loan programs are made especially…

The Best Way to Use Your Home Renovation Loan

What’s the best way to use your renovation loan? The easy answer is to invest in projects that will either reduce your costs in the long-run or increase your property…