Read This Before You "Rocket" Your Mortgage

Digital convenience is essential in today's world --even when applying for a mortgage. Submitting your home loan application and all the necessary documents with just a few clicks is not only easy, but it also makes the approval process faster and available to you where ever you are.

And when it comes to giving you outstanding service in a flash, our mortgage professionals are ready to deliver.

While doing your mortgage 100% online is convenient, there may be times that you need personalized mortgage advice. Before you "rocket" your mortgage from a "faceless" advisor, find out how we combine the best of a digital mortgage with personalized home loan services.

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We Give You Trustworthy Credit Advice

Credit scores are critical to loan applications. So when we pull up your credit score, we don't just tell you your score, we help you to understand it. If there's any way to help improve it, we'll tell you exactly what to do. And if your credit score is already relatively healthy, we'll show you how to avoid mistakes that will lower it!

Your credit score directly affects your mortgage rate, so we go the extra mile to make sure you know all the facts about YOUR score and how to use it to get the best rate.

We Break Down the Homebuying Process

Maybe you're just curious about the home buying process but aren't ready to apply for a loan.

We can answer your questions about:

  • Your loan options
  • How to hire a real estate agent
  • Explain closing costs and fees
  • An estimate of much you can afford

We can answer your mortgage and purchasing questions with no obligation to apply. But remember -- applying for a home loan with us doesn't mean you're committing to the mortgage. Applying is simply the first step to getting many of your mortgage questions answered and, possibly, locking in a rate should you decide to continue the process.

Offer Down Payment Advice

Think you need 20% for a down payment for a home? Not true! Many home loan options exist where you can put down as little as 3.5%! The question is, "do you qualify for this low downpayment loan?" The only way to know is to contact us!

Even if you don't qualify for 3.5% down, we can coach you on ways to come up with your downpayment fast and in the best way possible. Should you dip into your retirement for your downpayment? What about monetary gifts or public assistance programs --how can you use these to fund your downpayment? Helping you to navigate the home buying process requires a personalized touch. There's no way to "rocket" mortgage coaching.

Look Out for Your Best Interest

We’re dedicated to bringing you value in every single way. Our home loan consultations can help you decide whether it's the right time to refinance out of an FHA loan, recognize a possible housing scam, and give your finances a quick check-up to make sure you're in the best position for a fair mortgage rate.

Our Duty Is To Serve You

As mortgage professionals in this digital age, we strive to offer you the best of both worlds. Want the fast convenience of online mortgaging? We got that. Need real mortgage advice from a local mortgage professional? We're here, ready to offer expert guidance.

Contact us today for a personalized home loan consultation or apply using our online application.